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Constellation leadership solutions, llc

Constellation Leadership Solutions exists to lift teams to greater heights. 

When we look to the night sky, we recognize the patterns individual stars form as constellations, made brighter and more dynamic through their cosmic collaboration. 

In the same way, we recognize high performing teams by their behaviors: a foundation of trust, a commitment to a shared purpose and goals, clarity of roles and expectations, open discussion, healthy conflict, respect for team processes and agreements, and an understanding that no individual member is more important than the team.

President & Principal Facilitator

Sharon Stolt is a team player.

Sharon has been designing and delivering development programs since 2002. For 15 years she has led workshops on a wide variety of leadership and professional skills, including time management, Crucial Conversations®, creativity and innovation, career development, coaching and feedback, and intercultural communication.

Sharon's distinctive contribution to this work comes from her dynamic facilitation style. Part educator, part motivational speaker, Sharon creates and facilitates team experiences that prompt interpersonal discovery, build new skills, and inspire the behavior change needed for success.

Before she founded Constellation Leadership Solutions (formerly Stolt Consulting) in 2016, Sharon was Director of Learning & Development at Visa, Inc., where she developed and launched the company’s first comprehensive manager training program, The Visa Manager Experience. In 2013, Sharon was awarded Visa’s highest honor, the annual Go Beyond Award, as a result of her work on the program. From 2015-2016, Sharon led the design and launch of the inaugural Visa University campus in Foster City, CA.

Sharon lives in Berkeley with her family and their extensive collection of California wines. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and has been conducting rigorous taste-testing for the best cupcake in the Bay Area for nearly 7 years. Sharon donates her time and energy to causes that increase opportunities for historically underserved populations.