In six weeks, become a bolder, more courageous, more confident version of the remarkable woman you already are.

We'll show you how to communicate confidently + effectively, and provide you the support you need along the way.


what is educoaching? 

Structured education meets personalized support.  This isn't coaching the way you think of coaching. You'll learn new knowledge and skills, apply them in your own life, and get individual guidance along the way. 

Instruction + action + accountability = results.

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meet your coach

Sharon Stolt is an educator + coach with more than a decade of experience teaching business skills that improve work + life. 

Now, she's bringing her classes to life in a new way, through her unique style of outcome-driven coaching.

Meet Sharon


Raise your hand. Raise your voice. Speak your mind.  show up boldly + courageously in your work + life.